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GTG International

The Good Time Gang Cigar Club is an International Cigar Club founded in Washington, DC on November 27, 2012.  Founded on the principles of Tom Foolery and Shenanigans, 19 men and 1 woman chartered the Good Time Time Gang Cigar Club.  Currently in our 11th year and approaching over 2,000 members, we are continuing to expand.  If interested in joining, talk to a current member.

Founding Members
Mark Jackson, The Mayor
Nathan Hunter, The Executive Mayor
Derek Ricks, Sgt. at Arms
Kevin Williams
Roy Harrington
Keith Pettigrew
Francis Hopkins
Justin Russell, Buddy Love
Cindy Hsu, First Lady
Marshall Purnell
Derek Fuller, Senior Advisor
Leslie Thompson, BQ
Julius Everett
Kenneth Krozy
Robert Eilets, Sherrif
Errol Williamson
Koy Banks, KB

Corey Barnette, Cool Breeze

​Damon Patterson, Antar

Keith Fisher, Fish





Current Active Chapters
​​Washington, DC
Anne Arundel County, MD
Atlanta, GA

Austin, TX
Baltimore, MD

Bay Area, CA
Brandywine, MD

Charleston, SC
Charlotte, NC

Chicago, IL

Concord, NC
Dallas, TX
Detroit, MI
Durham, NC

Edgewater, MD
Gaithersburg, MD
Gary, IN
Greensboro, NC

Hampton Roads, VA
Hampton Roads, VA
Milwaukee, WI
Nashville, TN
New York, NY
Northern, VA

Philadelphia, PA
Raleigh, NC

Richmond, VA
Rocky Mountain, NC
San Diego, CA
Southern, MD
South Dakota
Space Coast, FL
Syracuse, NY
Tampa, FL

Towson, MD

Wilmington, DE
Bogota, Columbia
Jakarta, Indonesia
Houston, TX (Forming)

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